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News from Around ICS and Around the Scheduling Practice

The Scheduling Practice is in an ever-changing state of confusion. Turn to this page to learn the latest news from around the Scheduling Practice, and from around ICS itself.

News from Around ICS

News from Around the Practice

ICS-Global Moves to Michigan: In early 2009, ICS-Global moved to Rochester Hills, Michigan from Denver, Colorado. The move was for humanitarian as well as strategic reasons. When the idea hit, it seemed so obvious... Full story.
Is "Critical Path" Obsolete?: Invited by the PMI College of Scheduling to join five other world-class experts on the Scheduling Practice to participate in its "Scheduling with the Masters" webinar series, ICS founder Murray Woolf challanged listeners to grapple with the thought-provoking question: Is "Critical Path Obsolete?" Full story.
Keynote Address Given: ICS founder, Murray Woolf, gives the Keynote Address at the 3rd Annual Conference of the PMI College of Scheduling. entitled "A 'Profession' in Turmoil." Full story.
Momentology Unveiled: Also known as Momentum Management, unveiled at 3rd Annual Conference of the PMI College of Scheduling. Full story.
Best-Selling Scheduling Book: Murray Woolf's latest book, "FASTER Construction Projects with CPM Scheduling," (McGraw-Hill, 2007) is setting sales records. Now rated the #2 scheduling book by Amazon.com, you can buy it in the ICS Store at a discount, and get it autographed too. Details.
ICS-Placement: It took almost a year to perfect the online Skills Assessment testing, the comprehensive Phone Interview questionnaire, and the patented Applicant Profile. But ICS-Placement went "live" on November 1, 2007, and has been growing ever since. Details.
ICS-Scheduling: In the fall of 2006, ICS-Scheduling acquired its first client. Now it boasts numerous clients, for whom it is providing scheduling support services. Details.
Earned Schedule: Walter Lipke introduces a modification to the basic Earned Value calculations for SV/SPI in an effort to improve the EVM ability to predict schedule status. Called Earned Schedule, his methodology relates actual progress to planned progress and establishes a time differential. Details.
AACEI Recommended Practices: The Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering continues to draft and issue Recommended Practices for the Scheduling Practice. The result of an exhaustive effort by dozens of dedicated Scheduling Practitioners, the PS Committee is amassing an impressive body of work. Details.
College Best Practices: The PMI College of Scheduling, through its Scheduling Excellence Initiative, is busy writing best practices and guidelines for the Scheduling Practice. Details.
CIOB Survey: The Charted Institute of Building, 42000 members strong, is a European project management organization based out of England. The CIOB is working feverishly to produce the world's first Project Time Management credential. Details.
College Conference: The College of Scheduling (PMI) will hold its 9th Annual Conference, in Brooklyn, New York on May 6-9, 2012.. Details.
AACEI Conference: The 56th Annual Meeting of the AACEI will be held in San Antonio, Texas, July 8-11, 2012. Details.
CONSTRUCTION CPM Conference: Dr. Fred Plotnick is proud to host the 2nd Annual Construction CPM Conference to be held in Orlando, Florida, January 21-25, 2012. Details.
NDIA Best Practices: The National Defense Industrial Association is assembling a working group to write best practices in scheduling, and is looking for volunteers. Details.
RDM Introduced: Fred Plotnick has developed an adaptation on tradition CPM which he calls Relationship Diagramming Method. RDM provides new relationship-specific elements that can be used to "more accurately model how activities interact on a construction project, resulting in more meaningful CPM schedules." Details.