If You're a Project Time Management Consumer ...










... then ICS-Global is for You !
Who is a Project Time Management Consumer?

ICS-Global exclusively services the construction industry by providing, and improving the quality of, the many diverse products and services produced by the Scheduling Practice. Accordingly, we consider those who consume such products and services as Project Time Management Consumers. Typical Consumers include project owners, design professionals, contractors, developers, sureties, legal and accounting professionals, etc.

How ICS-Global Can Help You, the Project Time ManagementConsumer
Specifically, we can help you through ICS-Placement, ICS-Scheduling, ICS-Network, and ICS-Training.
ICS-Placement is unique among employment search firms in several important ways, when it comes to searching for Planning and Scheduling Practitioners. First, every ICS-Placement recruiter is seasoned construction scheduler with years of specialized experience in all facets of the Scheduling Practice. Second, before we will refer them to you, all candidates must complete a battery of exams and interviews that comprise our formidable Eligibility Screening. Third, our fees are below industry average. Combined, our approach yields superior talent at great savings to you. More about ICS-Placement.

ICS-Network is an association of seasoned construction Project Time Management Consultants from across the United States who synergistically benefit themselves and their customers through collaborative association with one another. More about ICS-Network

ICS-Training is your primary source for professional development of your current Project Time Management workforce. Based on our ground-breaking ICS-Compendium (now under development), and coordinated with our out-of-the-box, customizable Project Time Management SOP, you can easily, affordably, and significantly improve the quality of your in house Project Time Management effort. All trainers are experienced Project Time Management Practitioners, and our courses teach real Scheduling, not just software manipulation. We provide both customized training that address specific Consumer needs, as well as industry-directed seminars. Ask about our Straight Talk Series -- for Owners, Project Managers, and Scheduling Practitioners. More about ICS-Training.

ICS-Scheduling provides owners, construction managers, contractors, and even other scheduling consultants with staff augmentation and expert counseling support that may be needed from time to time. We maintain a staff of experienced construction project planners and schedulers that can support and guide you at all levels of Scheduling Practice implementation -- from developing a single schedule to setting up a Scheduling Department. Ask about our Big Brother program, where we provide silent monitoring of project correspondence and documentation, and provide strategic advice at critical moments in the project. More about ICS-Scheduling.

Is This Your Situation?

You have one or more projects about to start (or already underway) that require comprehensive Critical Path Scheduling products and services.  Your in-house ability to respond is either tapped out, or doesn’t even exist.  You have searched for qualified schedulers on your own, and even used professional recruiters, but have come up dry.  You’ve joined the growing chorus of contractors calling for a solution to what is surely a worldwide shortage of competent senior construction schedulers. The projects are there.  The need is real and urgent.  Senior schedulers aren’t!  What can you do?

Call ICS-Global and Ask About Our 1-2-3 Punch!
Just what is our “1-2-3 Punch?”  Bluntly, while other companies servicing your needs offer, at most, only one of three possible Solution Sets (Buy, Rent, or Grow), ICS-Global offers all three (see below). On top of that, with respect to each Solution Set, ICS-Global provides superior product/service quality, range of choices, and bottom line economic value.  With our integrated Buy-Rent-Grow suite of products and services, you have the flexibility to find the Solution Set that makes the best sense for you, one project at a time!

Perhaps you would prefer that the Project Time Management Practitioner work for you directly as a payrolled employee (W2 or 1099). You, thus, want to buy a scheduler. ICS-Placement will search for the perfect Project Time Management Practitioner to satisfy your project’s needs. (1)


Maybe you find it simpler, faster, and less expensive to just obtain the services of a qualified Scheduling Practitioner as a 1099 contractor without putting them on payroll.  You, thus, want to rent a scheduler. We give you two options - both of which are aimed at your obtaining the schedule and scheduling services, rather than the scheduler.

  • The ICS-Network is a professional cooperative of seasoned Construction Project Time Management Practitioners that blankets the United States, comprised of independent scheduling consultants whose inherent knowledge and experience in construction, Critical Path Method, scheduling practices, and business software have been objectively confirmed by ICS-Global. These IQ Consultants (ICS-Qualified) are staffed, equipped, trained, experienced, and ready to take on your next assignment – and do so right now
  • Or, you may prefer to retain the support services of ICS-Scheduling itself. You’ll probably pay a little more for ICS-Scheduling associates, because our staff has been hand-picked from among the best Project Time Management Practitioners in the business. Plus, all of our Project Time Management Practitioners have committed to following practices as detailed in the ICS Scheduling Compendium.

Finally, it may be your desire to create your own in-house project scheduling capacity, by “converting” experienced project management personnel (e.g. project managers, field or project engineers, cost engineers, etc).already on your staff into qualified Scheduling Practitioners. You, thus, want to grow your schedulers. ICS-Scheduling can design and start-up your very own scheduling department, and ICS-Training can create and administer in-house training programs so that your project managers can learn how to become great project schedulers!  And our training programs teach real scheduling practices¸ not just software manipulation – and, of course, all according to the ICS Scheduling Compendium.

What ICS-Global Means to You!
Like we said, we do it all.  Name any other company that offers all of these services under one roof! (2)   And here is what ICS means to you:

Better Value: No matter which Solution Set you choose, you’ll end up with a higher quality solution.

  • ICS-Placement: All of our recruiters are seasoned construction Scheduling Practitioners, so we know what to look for.  In addition, all candidates that we refer to you have undergone extensively one-on-one screening plus online Skills Assessment testing before we send them your way.
  • ICS-Network: Between ICS’s own staff of seasoned experts and the impressive array of talent resident in the ICS-Network, we believe ICS offers the only national collection of construction Scheduling Consultants obtainable anywhere with just one phone call.  All of our Network Affiliates are proficient in the leading scheduling software and are accustomed and eager to drop in the saddle and hit the ground running.  Collectively, our Network Affiliates have hands-on experience in more than forty distinct business sectors within the construction industry.(3)

Lower Prices: No matter which Solution Set you choose, your bottom line will thank us. 

  • ICS-Placement: Compensation for professional searches is believed to be the lowest in the industry.  Where our competitors charge 20-30% of first year earnings (including base salary, perks, bonuses, etc.), we charge a flat fee of $18,000, no matter what level of expertise you ask us to find (Apprentice to Master), and no matter how they are compensated.
  • ICS-Network: Because all IQ-Consultants agree to conform to pre-negotiated and standardized hourly billing rates across the country:
    • You don’t have to haggle with a consultant to get the best rate.
    • Most likely you will pay these professionals less per hour through the ICS-Network than if you contracted with them outside the Network!
Faster Response: Between our growing database of available candidates at ICS-Placement and the quickly expanding ICS-Network of IQ Consultants, we have what we believe to be the largest and most experientially-diverse collection construction Scheduling Practitioners anywhere.  We are confident that we will be able to provide the fastest response to your next construction project scheduling quagmire.  That’s how we can make our fourteen day, in-the-saddle guarantee. 
Greater Selection: Both ICS-Scheduling and ICS-Network offer you the option of replacing a specific Scheduling Practitioner with one phone call, if the chemistry “just ain’t right.” We know that sometimes, no matter how good an individual looks on paper, the rapport between the Scheduling Practitioner and the project team just may not “work.”  No problem!  We’ll just send you another candidate. And if he or she is still not right, then we’ll send you another candidate.  And, don’t forget, all of them will be equally qualified to handle your project’s scheduling needs.  They’ll pick up where the other left off, with no break in the action, and no finger-pointing.  (And they all charge the same rates!)

(1) ICS Placement may be superior to our competition, but even we cannot change the reality that there is a worldwide shortage of qualified construction Scheduling Practitioners who seek permanent employment as a salaried or contract employee.  Hence, renting just may be your best option for you at this time.  Read on!

(2) While ICS is pursuing an accelerated growth program, not all ICS components described in this paper have been launched as of this writing.  This paper describes a mixture of ICS offerings that are both planned and operational.  Check with a friendly ICS representative to learn how we can meet your planning and scheduling needs right now.

(3) BUILDINGS: Commercial, hotels, office buildings, residential, restaurants, retail, skyscrapers, worship.  FACILITIES: campuses, correctional, educational K-12, educational-higher. PUBLIC GATHERINGS: entertainment, libraries, museums, performance halls, recreational, sports facilities, theme parks. UTILITIES: pipelines, power plants, telecommunications, general utilities, water/wastewater. INDUSTRIAL: automotive, distribution centers, manufacturing, offshore facilities, pharmaceuticals, process plants, pulp & paper, warehousing.  TRANSPORTATION: airports, highway and bridge, marine (ports and harbors), rail and light rail.  SPECIALTIES: aerospace, clean rooms, high tech, military/defense, research, shipbuilding, space, tunneling.

Other ICS Programs That Will Benefit You

In addition to ICS-Scheduling, ICS-Placement, and ICS-Training mentioned above, ICS plans to offer many programs designed to help you design, development, staff, maintain, and constantly improve the quality of your company's inhouse ability to effectively manage its projects. And some of our programs are completely new to the Construction Industry:

ICS-Certification is starkly different from all other scheduling credentialing entities in these significant ways: First, as a certifying body, only ICS is comprised exclusively of Scheduling Practitioners. Second, only ICS bases its certification exams on its own self-published reference materials. Third, only ICS offers a selection of different credentials to reflect a Practitioner's level of competency: apprentice, journeyman, or master. These distinctions lend credibility to our credentials, which thereby empower you to more accurately assess the capacity of your company's Scheduling Practice, and its Practitioners. Our motive for certifying schedulers is not to make money. Rather, it is to provide you with a credible and trusted way of quickly evaluating Scheduling Practitioners whose abilities are otherwise uknown to you.
ICS-Research, through its scholarly studies and reports, will inform you of the latest developments in the Scheduling Practice, and provide you with imperical data necesary to keep your internal scheduling program on the cutting edge. The Scheduling Practice has long needed an independent clearinghouse for review and appraisal of new products, services, concepts, and theories. You need and deserve better information upon which to make informed decisons than just slick marketing hype and gratuitous self-promotion.
ICS-Publications is the communication arm of ICS. It will promote, recommend and even publish educational, instructional, and informational materials that span the gamut of Schedulng Practice topics. But unlike any other professional publishing entity servicing the Scheduling Practice, ICS will only promote materials it has reviewed and approves. Remember that ICS vouches for every work it promotes.
ICS-Specifications and ICS-Scoring, more than any other ICS offerings, will most dramatically improve the quality of construction scheduling products and services across the Scheduling Practice, worldwide. For its part, ICS-Specifications will educate and assist Owners (and their agents) as they formalize what they expect in the way of a Scheduling Practice on their projects. Where ICS-Specifications establishes the thresholds to be attained, ICS-Scoring, confirms contractor compliance. This one-two punch is not just good for the owner; it also benefits the contractor. General contractors and construction managers that demonstrate that their Schedule Practice are in accordance with the ICS Scheduling Compendium will have the competitive advantage over their competitors who still schedule using old, ineffective way.
Scheduler's Lifeline is a paid service you will want for your Scheduling Practice. Both Practitioner and Group plans work the same way: when technical help is needed, we are only a phone call or email away. We are the Practitioner's "help desk."
ICS-Institute is harvesting the next generation of construction scheduling apprentices. This should be good news to you, since there is a worldwide and domestic shortage of schedulers. You can count on ICS to produce fully-qualified apprentice schedulers -- not computer monkies -- that can drop in a seat and start working under the mentoring eyes of a journeyman or master scheduler. Hire our Boot Camp graduates with confidence.