If You're A Project Time Management Consultant...










... then ICS-Global is for You !
Who Is a Project Time Management Consultant?

As relates to ICS-Network and ICS-League, a Project Time Management Consultant is a company that provides Construction Project Time Management products and services to Project Time Management Consumers, such as Owners and General Contractors.

Our Innovations Mean Higher Profits for You

In two significant ways, ICS-Global's innovations translate into Big Bucks for you.

  • The Scheduling Compendium, for the first time ever, will combine all Construction Project Time Management standards, best practices, guidelines, recommendations, glossary, roles, formulas, and concepts into one comprehensive Treatise.
  • ICS-Global brings together all Project Time Management areas of concentration under one roof: education, training, consulting, certification, placement, research, publications, social networking, and tools.
How ICS-Global Can Help You, the Project Time Management Consultant

We can help you become more profitable and more successful in whatever aspects of Scheduling Practice consulting you consider your strengths.


ICS-Network provides your Project Time Management consultancy the opportunity to make big bucks, and significantly grow your company. As an ICS-Network Affiliate, your workload will level out (no more peaks and valleys), you will receive payments more quickly, your marketing costs will drop, you'll have new clients, and you will make money by referring Clients and Colleagues to the Network.

  ICS-League provides your Project Time Management consultancy with FREE national advertising and promotion through the heavily-trafficed ICS-Global website. In exchange for posting our logo on your website, your company's contact information (and links to your site and to you, personally) will be included in a national Directory that Owners and General Contractors turn to in order to find qualified Construction Scheduling Consultant to meet their needs. There are only two requirements to be listed as an ICS-Leaguer: you must have a working website, and you must be in business for at least six months. That's it! Join the ICS-League today ... and watch your business boom!

ICS-Institute trains apprentice schedulers according to the ICS Scheduling Compendium. You can become a licensed ICS-Institute instructor. As part of their training, they will be required to work as apprentices under the mentoring of a journeyman or master scheduler. In cooperation with ICS-Institute, ICS-Network Affiliates can employ these newly-trained apprentices, and bill them out at significant profit. The newby gets experience, you get cheap labor, and the Scheduling Practice gets a new scheduler. Everyone wins.


ICS-Training provides professional development for experienced Practitioners -- again, according to the ICS Compendium. You can become a licensed Compendium Trainer.


ICS-Certification offers a credential for Scheduling Practice Consultant or Trainer.

  ICS-Scheduling provides direct and consulting services based on the ICS Compendium. You can become a licensed ICS Consultant.
  ICS-Publications approves only works that comport with the ICS Compendium. You can buy ICS publications at a discount and sell them.

ICS-Scoring is based on the mathematics of the ICS Compendium. You can buy a discounted subscription and sell at retail.


ICS-Specifications requirements for both the Project Schedule and the Scheduling Program are derived from the Compendium. You can offer this software program to your clients for free.