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Almost Too Good to Be True !

Here's the Scoop!!

Construction Project Time Management is an extremely lucrative career path and worth yourserious consideration-- for two significant reasons.

  • High Earnings: Scheduling Practitioners earn some of the highest salaries in construction.
  • Low Entry Cost: The up-front educational cost of becoming a Scheduling Practitioner is unbelievably low.

What a powerful combination: low entry cost, high yield. Now let's sweeten the pot even further: there is a worldwide shortage of Scheduling Practitioners at all levels, but most especially at the entry level. So the odds of you landing a well-paying position right out of the ICS-Institute are quite good.

The amount of education you need to become an Apprentice Scheduler is surprisingly little. The ICS-Institute's entire program, from Day One to graduation is only six-months, broken into two phases. In the first phase, you will work your way through four self-paced, online courses. In about 12 weeks you will have acquired the book knowledge needed to perform as an Apprentice Scheduler. In the second phase, you will complete a 20-week paid internship, working in a real scheduling department on real construction projects. At the end of the 26-week program, you will be graduated as a ICS-certified Apprentice Scheduler.

So what about the money, you ask? Starting salaries for Apprentice Schedulers varies across the country, but a conservative average is $60,000 in the United States, and even higher in certain domestic and international markets. The full cost of the ICS-Institute Apprentice Scheduler program (called "Boot Camp") is $15,000. Ask how you can qualify for a 100% or 90% tuition deferment until twelve months after you graduate.

So you really have nothing to lose -- and a lucrative career to gain!

Here's the bottom line:
  1. A worldwide shortage of Scheduling Practitioners, especially Apprentice Schedulers.
  2. A starting salary for Apprentice Schedulers is around $60,000, annually.
  3. ICS-Institute offers a high-octane Boot Camp that will turn you into an Apprentice Scheduler in six months.
  4. If you're making $10/hour now, imagine making $10,000 in just six months!
  5. Your tuition may be deferred, partially or entirely, for twelve months after graduation.

You can change your life for the better. Project Time Management is a wonderful and exciting field of endeavor. You will be one of the central figures on the Project Management team. Hardly nothing will occur on your project without your involvement. Your role on the project team is critical. If you want to make a difference in your life, if you want to be respected by your peers, if you enjoy the camaraderie of working on a team, if you want the things that a better paying salary can provide, and if you want a career that is stable, will last a lifetime, has excellent growth potential and can't be outsourced overseas, then we want to hear from you.

As far as we know, the ICS-Institute is the only Scheduling School in North America. Your only other educational options are either college or private-sector trainers. Colleges (whether two-year or four-year), at most, only offer a single course in scheduling, not an entire program -- and they don't offer any OJT internship on real projects.

As for private sector training, virtually all of it boils down to learning how to manipulate scheduling software. Trust us, software dexterity is not enough knowledge for you to survive in the field. Would learning how to use Turbo Tax qualify you as an accountant? Well, likewise, just knowing how to generate printouts doesn't make you a scheduler. You need to know how to design, development, maintain, and use schedules. You need to know about construction contracts, construction terminology, means and methods, change orders and claims, project management principles, communications and human dynamics, and so much more.

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